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Hi! I’m Elsje

My name is Elsje du Plesssis Basson, I am a very energetic and passionate person, filled with a lot of empathy for people that have been hurt and beaten down in the world.



Re-Mind Coaching focuses on the dynamics and general challenges that “soon-to-be” and stepfamilies face.

We help prepare, empower and upskill engaged couples and existing stepfamilies through various workshops and mentorship programs.




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Our Mission

“Leave no-one Unturned!”

What is stepfamily coaching ?

In basic terms, a stepfamily coach is a partner/ mentor, that will upskill, equip and empower you to face the complex situations in your stepfamily/ soon to be family. The coach is an enabler of change, there to help you become aware of your mindset, expectations and fears, she will mentor and guide you to refine your approach to all the family members and to approach any scenario from a different angle. We will work through the common challenges experienced in a stepfamily like different discipline style, communication and conflict and much much more. Keep in mind, whatever you feed will grow.


When to consider stepfamily coacHing?

  • Do you struggle to understand your role or place in the Stepfamily?

  • Finding the stepparent-stepchild relationship challenging?

  • Do you feel lost or ostracized? Trapped by your emotions?

  • Recurring stress, anxiety, habits and behaviors

  • Do you need guidance through the Stepfamily Wilderness to steer you in the direction of the Promised land filled with hope, peace, love and tons of grace?

  • Do you need a new perspective on how the children experience the Stepfamily?

  • Re-define your expectations

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du plessis-Basson

Master life coach and NLP practitioner

Recognised smart stepfamily therapist for South Africa